Updown VDS Server

Significantly increase application performance with DIMMs up to 24 processors and the processing power of the next generation Intel® Xeon® series for Updown VDSs. XSunucu VDS and VPS also allow for super-fast processing in the computing space due to the fact that it is designed with a core and 32 nanometer processing technology for up to eight processors per processor.
We offer you an excellent up / down enjoyment with hardware virtualization, 1 gbit connection speed (Pro updown for 10 gbit VdS, and GPU Vdds products) and a machine guaranteeing a maximum of 4-6 customers. You can test your server’s speed and line before you buy it with half-hour testing. On the contrary to conventional hard disk drives, NAND flash is a storage base. Initially developed by Samsung, SSD Disk technology has launched a new era in storage space. It provides lower power consumption, higher performance and higher durability than magnetic discs.

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SSD Disk types have an extraordinary read and write power. This figure is about 150% compared to normal discs. Compared to normal disks, they are almost in front of data loss. This disc, which operates electronically, provides extra durability against distortion as well as cutting noise completely.

Updown Vps is an abbreviation for Updown Virtual Private Server. Updown Vds is an abbreviation for Updown Virtual Dedicated Server. Basically, the logic in both systems is to run many virtual servers in a physical machine. The differences arise from the use of resources ie CPU, RAM etc. The operating systems in Vps use common resources. In Vds, the ratio of RAM and CPU allocated to one virtual machine can not be occupied by another virtual machine. You can also buy a GPU VDS server with external display card. This reserved resource is still reserved, even if the virtual server is not used. So virtual servers in VdS are completely isolated from one another and are structured on higher performance. We do not install more than 4 to 5 virtual servers (up down Vds) on a machine for XServer quality policy. We are trying to set up fewer virtual servers (VdS) per machine in order to achieve maximum performance and to meet our customers’ needs in maximum efficiency.